Monday 5 January 2015

371 Days since last post......

Well, another year has passed and not a single post from me.... very slack. But i have not been sitting around doing nothing mind. I have recently totaled the number of modelling projects I have completed for customers and myself in the past 12 months and it totals over 125+!

This year however will be a little different. I have around 30 projects to finish for others prior to the arrival of Me and my Wife's first child! A little boy! And future train lover!!! (I hope) This is going to be around the beginning of May so I have a lot to do, and in between all this we are moving house, back down the South Coast to be close to family for what will be a very exciting time for us.

I have again changed what and where I want to model (seems to happen every few months), but this time I am returning to what I originally set out to do. CANDY ERA! The plan this time around is Kiama - Bomaderry between 1986 and 1991, but we will see how all this goes as time passes!

A small selection of pics of the things I have done in the past 12 months.....

 Austrains 80 Class - Superdetailed, Weathered, DCC Sound
 Powerline 48 class (new version) - Detailed and modified to suit pre 1965 Goulburn posting
 Berg's Brass 53 Class - Weathered, DCC Sound
 SDS Models NPRF - Weathered including hand brushed graffiti
 Auscision Models 73 Class - Renumbered and painted into class leaded 7301
 Auscision Models AHGX - Weathered to represent AHGX 62 as seen in 1999
 Austrains 81 Class - Renumbered and Weathered
 TrainOrama 49 Class - Renumbered, Weathered, DCC Sound
 KHIAC O Scale 44 class - Weathered
 TrainOrama 44 Class - Complete repaint from Indian Red, Weathered and DCC Sound
 Rails North FP Pay Bus - Completely rebuilt, repainted, detailed etc
 BLI AC6000 - Repaint and weathered
 Water tank - Built from Rails North Tank kit on IDR KF flat kit
 Ian Lindsay BWF - Built from Kit
 IDR BPV - Built from Kit
 IDR LSD - Built From Kit

 Austrains 442 Class - Renumbered & Weathered
 Powerline 48 Class (New Version) - Repainted, numbered and Weathered
 Auscision Models NLKY - Weathered
 On Track Models VXS - Weathered
 Eureka Models BSV - Weathered
 SDS Models Tanker - Weathered
 SDS Models Tanker - Weathered
 TrainOrama 44 Class - Weathered & DCC Sound
 In Front Models - Built from Kit, and weathered
 Auscision Models 422 Class - Weathered and DCC Sound
 On Track Models TRC - Weathered
 Austrains WHX - Weathered
 Auscision Models WVX - Weathered
 Auscision Models 422 Class - Weathered & DCC Sound
 Auscision Models 422 Class - Weathered & DCC Sound

Just a sample of whats been on the cards! I hope to get a couple of more posts in before May!


Tuesday 31 December 2013


Happy New Year to all!

In recent times there has been discussions with some gents from the local club re: Free Mo, so that plus the fact that current house size does not permit my 'dream' layout I intend to embark on an adventure into Free Mo Land using the AMRA Free Mo Standard, with some slight variations (as agreed by the group of us interested).
The AMRA standard can be found at The variations we intend to employ is the use of Code 70 track (or possibly Code 55) as we will be modelling NSWGR branch line and Code 83 (generally the standard for Free MO) is more suitable for modern mainline track. As with all Free Mo concepts the end plates of the modules are required to be identical and be able to be adjusted to the same height, but everything in between the two ends of a module can essentially be formed to your own liking.

In recent times I have decided I will model the Bombala Line which stems from Joppa Junction (South of Goulburn) to the terminus at Bombala, as well as the short spurs to Canberra and that to Captains Flat. I have recently been whittling my loco and rolling stock collection (many things on ebay atm) to represent only vehicles that ran on this line, some may think "WHAT MADNESS" but I feel this allows me to focus on a particular region and also promotes very accurate modelling to replicate the prototype. This also limits expenditure in a way, as there is a relatively small selection of vehicles that ran on that line, in particular the era I intend to model 1960-1970.

With Free Mo I have the freedom to build a station scene or whatever a section/module at a time, and with the intention of using it with other members modules I do not necessarily have to complete my entire home layout, but If I did I will have the capability of pulling out any section I like to use with other Free Mo modules, and also increase or decrease my home layout depending on the size of room I have available, by adding or subtracting the shapes and number of modules I have in use! BRILLIANT!!!!

So what am I starting with? Jincumbilly! A very small station, opened on 21 November 1921 and closed on 9 March 1975, but in my modelling era, it was a functioning station with a small PC1 station building on a 120 meter timber faced platform, it had a loop siding with goods loading ramp and a cattle yard. And during 1960-1970 although not heavy or frequent would have seen cattle trains and mixed goods using the siding for loading/un-loading, plus being 2 stations from the terminus would see all the through traffic to and from Bombala. SO it's a small place to start with but it is the concept and methods used for this initial section that will prove important for my entire sectional layout!

Well what a way to start the New Year, a little inspiration, and a reason to finally start building a proper layout ha ha!



Monday 23 September 2013


So a quarter of a year has passed since the last post, terrible I know, but hopefully that indicates how busy (or lazy) I have been!

I have been inundated with work for others, so much so that I think I won't be able to take on anything new until the new year! I currently have 29 models that aren't mine that I'm working on (ranging from Elephant wagon kits to some Yank tank AC6000's that are being repainted into a private colour scheme I have designed for a client), pity this hobby is so time consuming otherwise I could start modelling as a proper business... and not the bikini type!

As for my own models I have done little bits here and there and finally succumbed to the DCC bug now having fitted 5 of my units with sound etc with more sound chips on back order. I have also built 1 kit for myself an IDR casting KF flat which I have loaded up with a Fordson Tractor complete with wheel chocks and chain etc. I am slowly salvaging a 1st run Bergs 32 class that I bought in a well neglected state, which I have been super detailing and repairing and will be re powering with a small Mashima motor so that I can fit cab detail where the original motor protruded. I am unsure if I will sell this or put it on my roster as it is the only brass loco I own at the moment, and I do like to be consistent...

I will have some photo's up in the next post as I just needed to post something this morning as the urge was too strong ha ha!



Friday 24 May 2013

New Arrival!!!

Hi All,

Just a quick one tonight, a couple of shots of Wobbegong's latest addition to the roster, Auscision 42219. A gorgeous model! Watch this space for a post with her weathering!



Sunday 12 May 2013

PROJECT WATER GIN, a customers model

Hi All,

As mentioned in my last post I have had the chance to work on some great models from the 1960's-80's with the most recent being a 4 wheel water gin.

This particular model is a Callipari flat wagon that has had a gin tank slung atop of it. With the underframe being rather basic ie: no detail, the instructions for this job was to super detail the underside to as close to prototype as possible.

This was the underside of the gin as received

First step was to add some basic under frame (chassis) rails and bracing. This was done using 2mm square styrene and approximating the structure using pictures of gins and open truck under frames.

From here the level of detail is optional. The gin was then fitted with all brass components including, hand brake wheels and release handles (with full length roding), brake gear including handmade actuators return spring/tensioners etc, buffers, air release roding, brake hoses, brake shoes, steps, coupler release bars and anything else that was needed.

The gin was then repainted weathered wagon grey, and then weathered accordingly.

Please let me know what you think?




Hi All,

This time last month I was telling y'all that I was changing my modelling era to the modern 2000's plus. BUT after a huge influx of 60's, 70's  and early 80's models coming from customers in the post to have various work completed on them, I have made the (hopefully final) decision to go back to where I started, being the late 1960's - 1979. Reason being, that is still working with NSWGR and up to the PTC era, which to me provides extensive variety in loco's and rolling stock. I know to some it may seem very crazy to change again and so soon, but having the opportunity to work on so many models from so many different era's but I find I get carried away with what ever era I'm working on at the time. But I have to pull myself together and stick with something, now that's not saying I can't have a few train sets from other era's to run at the club layout is it?

Any help/suggestions on the era would be very much appreciated.

And hopefully I will be able to post some pics of new acquisitions and weathering, detailing on my own new older fleet!



Sunday 14 April 2013


Hi All,

It's almost been a month since my last post! But that's not to say I haven't done anything model related, au contraire! this past month has seen a lot of new 'customer's as well as my regulars contacting me and sending me locos and rolling stock to me to complete some work on, everything from super-detailing and repaints into modern era liveries to weathering some early generation diesels and kit builds of all ages.

Whilst doing the more modern era work in the past little while I was compelled to change the era in which I am modelling. It is always exciting and interesting to try a new era (as I did when I changed from early NSW steam to SRA candy era) and thus far the change to the post yr 2000ish has proved as much, which brings me to the photos of this post.

In the past week, during my own modelling time I have whipped up a couple of modern repaints for myself

I chose 8120 as the number for my re-birthed Powerline 81 as it is one of the 3 PacNat 81,s that don't have the big white side numbers as the rest of the class has, they call it the 'Intermodal Livery' which is basically the same as their Rural and Bulk liveried 81's with the omission of the white side numbers and omission of the blue extending over the cab roofs and the addition blue numbers on the yellow cab sides under the windows.

And another little modern project is a Powerline 48, which started as life as Mk1 4806, so all additional detail parts had to be added to make it into a Mk4, this loco will be numbered 48130. Updates to come.

Please let me know your thoughts!



Friday 15 March 2013

Another one on the Sale Lot...

Hi All,

My prized and much loved 8003, the subject of a few posts on here, is also up for sale this week to make room for some new projects



Thursday 14 March 2013

Cardiff Auction!!!!

Hi All,

It's like the 1994 Cardiff Auction, except...... only one loco is for sale, and.......its 1/87th the size.....

But at any rate it's NSW 44 class in 1990's SRA 'Red Terror' colour scheme and it;s for sale!

It is listed to sell on eBay to raise additional funds for some wagons.

Please have a squiz!