Monday 5 January 2015

371 Days since last post......

Well, another year has passed and not a single post from me.... very slack. But i have not been sitting around doing nothing mind. I have recently totaled the number of modelling projects I have completed for customers and myself in the past 12 months and it totals over 125+!

This year however will be a little different. I have around 30 projects to finish for others prior to the arrival of Me and my Wife's first child! A little boy! And future train lover!!! (I hope) This is going to be around the beginning of May so I have a lot to do, and in between all this we are moving house, back down the South Coast to be close to family for what will be a very exciting time for us.

I have again changed what and where I want to model (seems to happen every few months), but this time I am returning to what I originally set out to do. CANDY ERA! The plan this time around is Kiama - Bomaderry between 1986 and 1991, but we will see how all this goes as time passes!

A small selection of pics of the things I have done in the past 12 months.....

 Austrains 80 Class - Superdetailed, Weathered, DCC Sound
 Powerline 48 class (new version) - Detailed and modified to suit pre 1965 Goulburn posting
 Berg's Brass 53 Class - Weathered, DCC Sound
 SDS Models NPRF - Weathered including hand brushed graffiti
 Auscision Models 73 Class - Renumbered and painted into class leaded 7301
 Auscision Models AHGX - Weathered to represent AHGX 62 as seen in 1999
 Austrains 81 Class - Renumbered and Weathered
 TrainOrama 49 Class - Renumbered, Weathered, DCC Sound
 KHIAC O Scale 44 class - Weathered
 TrainOrama 44 Class - Complete repaint from Indian Red, Weathered and DCC Sound
 Rails North FP Pay Bus - Completely rebuilt, repainted, detailed etc
 BLI AC6000 - Repaint and weathered
 Water tank - Built from Rails North Tank kit on IDR KF flat kit
 Ian Lindsay BWF - Built from Kit
 IDR BPV - Built from Kit
 IDR LSD - Built From Kit

 Austrains 442 Class - Renumbered & Weathered
 Powerline 48 Class (New Version) - Repainted, numbered and Weathered
 Auscision Models NLKY - Weathered
 On Track Models VXS - Weathered
 Eureka Models BSV - Weathered
 SDS Models Tanker - Weathered
 SDS Models Tanker - Weathered
 TrainOrama 44 Class - Weathered & DCC Sound
 In Front Models - Built from Kit, and weathered
 Auscision Models 422 Class - Weathered and DCC Sound
 On Track Models TRC - Weathered
 Austrains WHX - Weathered
 Auscision Models WVX - Weathered
 Auscision Models 422 Class - Weathered & DCC Sound
 Auscision Models 422 Class - Weathered & DCC Sound

Just a sample of whats been on the cards! I hope to get a couple of more posts in before May!



  1. Hi Kyle,

    Great work, love your weathering.

    Was it your paybus I saw sitting idling on Waterfall at the Liverpool exhibition? If so, I would be interested to know what sound decoder and speaker you have fitted. I have a Far North Hobbies kit to put together (one of the newer ones with the Steam Era gearset) and have been researching to see what decoder/sound files would be most suitable. If you could help in any way it would be appreciated.



  2. And do you take commission work for superdetailing/weathering? If so, how do I contact you?

  3. awesome work mate


  4. Can you provide details on what you did to the pay bus. I have one and am interested to know of your re build etc.