Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Happy New Year to all!

In recent times there has been discussions with some gents from the local club re: Free Mo, so that plus the fact that current house size does not permit my 'dream' layout I intend to embark on an adventure into Free Mo Land using the AMRA Free Mo Standard, with some slight variations (as agreed by the group of us interested).
The AMRA standard can be found at The variations we intend to employ is the use of Code 70 track (or possibly Code 55) as we will be modelling NSWGR branch line and Code 83 (generally the standard for Free MO) is more suitable for modern mainline track. As with all Free Mo concepts the end plates of the modules are required to be identical and be able to be adjusted to the same height, but everything in between the two ends of a module can essentially be formed to your own liking.

In recent times I have decided I will model the Bombala Line which stems from Joppa Junction (South of Goulburn) to the terminus at Bombala, as well as the short spurs to Canberra and that to Captains Flat. I have recently been whittling my loco and rolling stock collection (many things on ebay atm) to represent only vehicles that ran on this line, some may think "WHAT MADNESS" but I feel this allows me to focus on a particular region and also promotes very accurate modelling to replicate the prototype. This also limits expenditure in a way, as there is a relatively small selection of vehicles that ran on that line, in particular the era I intend to model 1960-1970.

With Free Mo I have the freedom to build a station scene or whatever a section/module at a time, and with the intention of using it with other members modules I do not necessarily have to complete my entire home layout, but If I did I will have the capability of pulling out any section I like to use with other Free Mo modules, and also increase or decrease my home layout depending on the size of room I have available, by adding or subtracting the shapes and number of modules I have in use! BRILLIANT!!!!

So what am I starting with? Jincumbilly! A very small station, opened on 21 November 1921 and closed on 9 March 1975, but in my modelling era, it was a functioning station with a small PC1 station building on a 120 meter timber faced platform, it had a loop siding with goods loading ramp and a cattle yard. And during 1960-1970 although not heavy or frequent would have seen cattle trains and mixed goods using the siding for loading/un-loading, plus being 2 stations from the terminus would see all the through traffic to and from Bombala. SO it's a small place to start with but it is the concept and methods used for this initial section that will prove important for my entire sectional layout!

Well what a way to start the New Year, a little inspiration, and a reason to finally start building a proper layout ha ha!



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