Monday, 23 September 2013


So a quarter of a year has passed since the last post, terrible I know, but hopefully that indicates how busy (or lazy) I have been!

I have been inundated with work for others, so much so that I think I won't be able to take on anything new until the new year! I currently have 29 models that aren't mine that I'm working on (ranging from Elephant wagon kits to some Yank tank AC6000's that are being repainted into a private colour scheme I have designed for a client), pity this hobby is so time consuming otherwise I could start modelling as a proper business... and not the bikini type!

As for my own models I have done little bits here and there and finally succumbed to the DCC bug now having fitted 5 of my units with sound etc with more sound chips on back order. I have also built 1 kit for myself an IDR casting KF flat which I have loaded up with a Fordson Tractor complete with wheel chocks and chain etc. I am slowly salvaging a 1st run Bergs 32 class that I bought in a well neglected state, which I have been super detailing and repairing and will be re powering with a small Mashima motor so that I can fit cab detail where the original motor protruded. I am unsure if I will sell this or put it on my roster as it is the only brass loco I own at the moment, and I do like to be consistent...

I will have some photo's up in the next post as I just needed to post something this morning as the urge was too strong ha ha!



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