Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Hi All!

Hope the hangovers have worn off by now! With only one more day before the return to work tomorrow, and with all the customers loco's and wagons up to date,  I though it was high time I finish another long dormant project of my own. Now in my last post there was a shot of some progress work, including a row of shells in various stages of which one was a 'rare' Mains West' 49 Class licked up in the Green and Yellow scheme that was applied to 4901,'02 and '05 and this is what has happened to that loco in the last 48hrs.

In the shot above you can see the shell the last one in the row, and the chassis and mechanism on the trestle behind. Though the Main West kit is a pretty good casting the mechanism is quite basic with only wiring to the motor, no lights or anything else. Though this does provide the owner with the option of wiring it up with a light design of their choosing.

All detail items with this kit are good quality Brass jobs including horns, air hoses, MU posts buffer beams (not fitted). All handrails are made from brass wire bent using a jig supplied with kit.

I have fitted KD 148's to the 49er which are scale size as well as being scale size draught boxes. I also fitted some brass etched wipers (not with kit)

 Not happy with the colour of green I used (i felt it slightly dark) I have weathered it up using my usual techniques and I must say I am pretty happy with the result.

 As I am personally modelling the late SRA era (the actual years that i want to model change in my head all the time, so lets call it 1982-1994...) I went for a more heavily weathered version of 4902.

This one will be put up on ebay to fund a couple of projects that are in the pipeline (including a 7.25" Gauge diesel powered "ride on" locomotive, stay turned for a step by step build!).



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