Sunday, 12 May 2013

PROJECT WATER GIN, a customers model

Hi All,

As mentioned in my last post I have had the chance to work on some great models from the 1960's-80's with the most recent being a 4 wheel water gin.

This particular model is a Callipari flat wagon that has had a gin tank slung atop of it. With the underframe being rather basic ie: no detail, the instructions for this job was to super detail the underside to as close to prototype as possible.

This was the underside of the gin as received

First step was to add some basic under frame (chassis) rails and bracing. This was done using 2mm square styrene and approximating the structure using pictures of gins and open truck under frames.

From here the level of detail is optional. The gin was then fitted with all brass components including, hand brake wheels and release handles (with full length roding), brake gear including handmade actuators return spring/tensioners etc, buffers, air release roding, brake hoses, brake shoes, steps, coupler release bars and anything else that was needed.

The gin was then repainted weathered wagon grey, and then weathered accordingly.

Please let me know what you think?



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