Wednesday, 23 January 2013

80 Class Super Detailing

Hi All,

As promised some photos of the progress of super detailing the Austrains 80 class. I will do a step by step on the next one i do, but this being the first i wanted to get it done so i could see where (if necessary) to make improvements and changes on the next one. At this stage only the making of the cab interior (similar to that of the 442 class i have shown in previous posts), painting the additional parts and then weathering. So far i have added the following...

-Replaced pilots, with brass air hoses, hand made brass coupler release bars (Jumper cable to be fitted) and Kadee 158 scale couplers
-Replaced air tank reservoir with ILM cast type
-Replaced moulded fletner vent and roof hand rails with brass items
-Replaced moulded staff exchangers with ILM cast type
-Replaced plastic horns with correct brass cast type
-Added windshield blinds
-Added fuel and air lines on chassis
- Replaced brake cylinders and speedo drives with cast metal items
-Added brake line and sander hosing
-Added bogie steps and other bogie detail
-Added lifting points
-Added parking/hand brake actuators (chain still to be fitted)

 Let me know what you think.


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  1. Hey,

    Could you please post some photos of the interior?