Sunday, 16 September 2012


Hi all. I thought i would et my blog under way by starting with a full job start to finish! This all begins with a straight out of the box, Austrains 442, sadly in Silverton's 2nd gen livery. It is however destined to wear what i  belive to be NSW best colour scheme, thats right... CANDY!

Step 1: Brew coffee.....

Step 2:

After downing a cuppa, i started by removing all the little bits and pieces from the body, ie. windowns, handrails, winscreen wipers, horns, mirrors etc (note: for your own sake take this step slowly it's kinda hard to just buy a new front glass for such models, not that i had any such catastophies but i've seen it happen)

The body then took a bath in my special stripping liquid and was then washed dwon with some warm water and detergent and left air dry.

Step 3: Coming soon.......

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